Thursday, March 8, 2018

Happy to Walk the Plank

About a month ago, I was one of the winners of a birthday contest at Bob Walk the Plank. Matt promised me that he was putting something special together to add something to my collection beyond a few new Pedro Martinez cards. When the package arrived, I was blown away with the contents, and his generosity. It has take me too long to chronicle the package with a post, but that's how long it took to adequately document everything!

Matt chose to go in a completely different direction. The package I received was from Gypsy Oak (which was a bit confusing until I saw the "From Matt" written on the back). I was somewhat familiar with their art pieces from seeing them on other blogs and social media. But, nothing prepared me for what would come out of the envelope. Ready to check it out for yourself?

Let's see what's inside!

This is a fun label I could put on my very own beer, if I was the type of collector who actually used things like that. (My unopened jars of salsa would clearly say otherwise.) It's certainly unique, and I love the amount of detail that went into this item featuring XX.

According to the backs, these are a few studio created samples of the Gypsy Oak Baseball Art Cards. They're very similar to standard baseball cards in size and thickness. I love the different style on the Cy Young card. 

I can't find anything like these cards on the Gypsy Oak website. So, I'm not sure what they're called. The back isn't much help, with a paisley playing card type feel to it. But, I'm not going to complain about a great couple cards, especially the one of The Kid. (It's just now really bothering me that I didn't scan these in numerical order left to right.)

Here we have three cards calling themselves Helman Art Stamps. These cards are about the size of a T206, but much thinner stock, and have have perforated edges to really sell the "stamp" feel to them. I also love how the tobacco era design works with the player selection, especially Williams in his San Diego uniform. Imagine the outfield this trio would make with Ted in left, Speaker in center, and Hooper in right. Hall of Famers all of them.

More old time feel with these great cards. They call  themselves Colgan's Chips Base-Ball Pictures. They're again about the size of a T206, but approaching relic card thickness. This makes them very sturdy, and wonderfully attractive. Again the style, size, and player selection makes these cards feel like you stepped back in time. Smoky Joe Wood is a player who has too few cards, so it was great to see him included here. Hard to imagine many pitchers will have a season as good as his was in 1912.

As the front of this card clearly says, this is a wood engraving, and it shows. The picture doesn't do this card justice. Again, we're talking about relic card thickness, but all wood. The engraving is so well done, that I don't mind the guy on the right being included on a Red Sox card.

Here we have an uncut strip of micro cards. Each one is about the size of a quarter. It's a fun collection of Red Sox legends, ranging the century plus of Red Sox baseball from Cy Young to David Ortiz. Of course, I love the addition of the great Pedro Martinez!

Speaking of Pedro, Matt clearly knew of my affinity for the greatest pitcher to ever take the mound. The package included several great Pedro items, including these two cards. They're standard card size, but as thick as a relic card because, well, can't you see the relic? The Dodgers version has a 1992 penny in it. Of course, 1992 was the year Pedro made his Major League debut in Los Angeles. The Boston card has a 2004 penny in it. Pedro did something cool in 2004, you may remember.

Last, but certainly not least, we have these two 4x6 art prints of the one and only Pedro. I love how the two styles are completely different, but still capture the essence of Pedro. Incredible.

Clearly Matt went above and beyond with this prize package. I was thrilled to be able to add so many unique items to my Red Sox collection.

Thanks Matt!


  1. Matt hooked you up. Gypsy Oak does some incredible work. I have a whole binder full of his work.


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