Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Who You Got?

I realized something watching the World Series last night. 

For the first time in a while, I couldn’t care less who wins.

Oh, sure, only if the Red Sox are playing do I REALLY care who wins. Well, maybe the Red Sox and Yankees. But, usually I at least have some sort of rooting interest in the Series, even if it’s not particularly good. For instance, last year I was hoping for the Royals because I didn’t want the Giants to have that third title this century. I wanted that to be exclusive Red Sox territory. Like I said, it’s not a wonderful reason. It was the same one I had in 2012, when I didn’t want the Giants to win their second in the century to match the Sox. In 2011? I didn’t want the Cardinals to win. No explanation should be necessary.

It even happened in this year’s LCS. I didn’t want Joe Maddon to have a ring. That was a deal-breaker for me. To a lesser degree, I wanted Toronto to win the ALCS. Mostly because, since they’re in the AL EAST, I have a lot more internet interaction with Blue Jays fans. There have been blog cross-overs, and twitter followings. So, I wanted to have their team do well. I’ve also had several Blue Jays fans submit incredible pictures to the blog (Both in, and with Section 36). No Royals fans have. That was enough for me.

But, now, I really don’t have anything. If I had to pick, I’d probably lean towards the Mets. Mostly as a way to screw Yankees fans even more. And, there has been one Mets fan who has sent in a picture to the blog. But, that’s not a reason for me to be on the edge of my seat. Or even really pull one way or another.

So, I actually found myself watching for the game. “Hey, that was a cool inside the park home run.” “Neat, they scored a run on an error.” “Huh, the closer blew a save.” “Interesting.”

It was an incredibly freeing way to watch a game. I could simply root for good baseball, and interesting situations. I’m not saying that I want to turn into a casual fan, or anything. I imagine this gets old after a bit. I assume I’m only going to want to watch the whole games over and over if there’s a reason for me to do so. The break will be over soon.

I guess that settles it.

Let’s Go Mets.

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