Monday, March 5, 2012

A Tale of Two Cities, By Tony Massarotti and John Harper

Two cities. Two writers. Two views. This book combines it all. The magical 2004 baseball season is retold through two contrasting sets of eyes. One from New York. One from Boston. How would they see the same season? Do they both reach the same conclusions? Do they both laugh at each other? If history relies on who tells the story, then this book should have it covered.

I know. There are plenty of books written about the 2004 Red Sox. There are plenty of day-by-day accounts of the 2004 Red Sox. What makes this one special? Hard to say. The book is split into sections. The games between the Yankees and the Red Sox, and the games in between. As each section of the season goes by, each writer tells the story of his team in turn. It creates the only downside of the book. You read each segment of the season twice. But, getting the different angles makes for a nice twist. The book is informal, and doesn’t hide anything. If one of the writers things the other is a moron, they say so. They discuss the faults of the media as much as the teams. The back and forth between the two makes for an entertaining read. It’s nice to see that the media have the same complaints about the rest of the media that I do. This is a fun book to read, and a nice diversion from books that simply repeat facts that you can read anywhere else.

Rating: 3 bases

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  1. The concept is good, but it doesn't work as a book, as a film It'd be good!

    And 2 great shots on the cover!


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