Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Collecting the Sox: Pedro Martinez Salsa

Maybe I’m weird. OK. I’m definitely weird. But, when I look at something like this, I immediately assume nobody actually bought these to eat the salsa. Right? They had to be just for the collector’s value. I understand opening Red Sox Coke cans. I’m a Coke fan. I like the product even without the Sox logo on it. I understand opening Wheaties boxes. I like the cereal even if there isn’t a Boston star on the box. Well, maybe “like” is a bit too strong, but you get the idea. This is different. Nobody has a preference going in. I can’t say that I like this salsa even without Pedro. It doesn’t exist without Pedro. So, if I’m going to buy salsa to eat, I’m going to buy my usual Newman’s Own jar. The only reason I’d buy these jars is if they were going to sit on my shelf.

In that capacity, these would work pretty well. The packaging is attractive, with nice color schemes. Pedro is very prominent on the front. The different colored caps add some variety. Even the salsa itself adds some visual appeal. The chinks and sauce add interest to the design. Not only that, but it’s pretty cool. I mean, it’s Pedro Salsa!

I guess if you really wanted to eat it, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to serve at a Red Sox themed party. It makes it a little harder to save the jars afterwards, though. If you’re washing out the jar for long-term storage, isn’t hard not to ruin the paper wrapper on the outside? That would be my concern. Maybe it would work.

However you slice it, this looks like a great Red Sox collectable. It’s definitely a quick conversation starter. Does anyone have any jars?

Anyone ever eaten the salsa?

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