Saturday, September 24, 2011

List of 36

Not too long ago, I noticed that someone stumbled upon this blog by doing a search for “Red Sox conversation starters for girls.” Naturally, this led to two questions. How did they find this blog looking for that? Second, what were they actually looking for? Was it pick-up lines to use on girls? Was it pick-up lines for girls to use on guys? Was it something girls could use to start a conversation without sounding like a pink hat? Naturally, I wanted to help. After all, if they were coming here anyway, I might as well have the answer for them. Right? But what answers to provide. I eventually decided that the cheesy pick-up lines were more fun to come up with. So, here they are. Some work best on guys. Some work best on girls. Some can go either way. As you’d expect, I’m offering 36 of them. I’m sure there are more.

Pick-up Lines and Conversation Starters

1. Have you ever been to Section 36?
2. Do you know how to score?
3. Do you know a knuckleball grip?
4. I don’t think I’ll have any trouble finding your strike zone.
5. I have fingers like Pedro.
6. Are you a switch-hitter?
7. I could be your bat boy.
8. Is that a “C” on your chest?
9. Want to see my monster?
10. I never thought I would find (name of player on jersey girl is wearing) attractive, until now.
11. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t get enough Sox
12. I’ve been told I know my way around the bases.
13. Have you ever touched Pesky’s Pole?
14. Are you always faithful?
15. Did you know the Red Sox changed their logo in 2008?
16. You must be here from LA, because you’re an Angel.
17. You make my Sox go up and down
18. You know…Jeter’s not the only one.
19. Do you put designs in your grass?
20. When was the last time you scored?
21. And I thought the concession stand had big cups!
22. Can I see your Red Sox?
23. Want to play extra innings back at my place?
24. Can you help me with a role-play? I’ll be Varitek, you be Foulke.
25. I’m drafting a new fantasy team. Want to be my catcher?
26. You better not be a Yankees fan.
27. Will you be the Coco in my Crisp?
28. We must be in Section 36, because you’re a home run.
29. Have you been to Pawtucket? I’m going to have to send you down.
30. I have an extra ticket for tonight. Want to come with me?
31. You know, they call me “big papi” too.
32. Are you a Rich Gedman fan? Because you’re a ten.
33. Can I help you score?
34. I hope you’re familiar with Yaz.
35. I need to make sure you’re wearing a jersey under that Red Sox sweatshirt.
36. Didn’t I see your picture on Pix from 36?

Let me know if they work.


  1. My favorite is the Coco in my Crisp.

    How YOUK doin'? Get it? Like "How you doin'?"

    I feel like we could create a good one about relief pitching.

    Thanks for the distraction from the horror that is September.

  2. Yay 15 and 32!

    'I feel like we could create a good one about relief pitching."

    Something about a long reliever? Or or a long man? Or in the days when they were called firemen you could do some hose-related ones. And where does the dugout fit in to all this? Sliding in hard? Good wood?

  3. I thought you might like those Jere.


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