Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Why Would They Ask Him That?

With the all-star game, the players have been meeting with the media. Whether this offers chances to talk that the media doesn't usually get, or if it just for a wider spread of media members I'm not sure. But, at any rate the Red Sox contingent has been doing their duty and answering questions.

Some of them have been about contract status.

I don't really understand the constant nagging of players about their contracts. I mean, I understand it...the media is just trying to fill column inches. But, why does anyone find value in it?

People asked JD Martinez about his contract. He is a year and a half into a five year deal, but has the chance to opt out after the season. So, the media is asking him to confirm his plans several months earlier than he needs to, and without all the information he needs to make that decision. Which would be fine if it was a passing comment sort of thing that was treated like a casual comment. But, they asked about his pending option. He gave a pretty decent answer. He said he's always wanted to play for the Sox, and would love to finish his career in Boston, but that it's not up to him. Perfectly honest and correct answer. But, of course, that's not the way the EEIDiots took it. Of course it's up to him...he has the options! Which is true, if you think his career is only going to last three more years. But, if he'd like to play for six more, he's going to need he Sox to agree with him. Really the only way he could have it be completely his call is if he signed a perpetual player option contract. But, good luck with the Sox going along with that. So he was correct and honest, and people are picking it apart.

But, at least he has a contract decision coming up.

Xander Bogaerts was asked about a contract he just signed, and whether he would sign it again if given the chance.


So, the guy signs a long term deal and then mere months later the media is asking him if he regrets it? Has he done anything to suggest he regrets it? No. The media is just asking. My guess? They'll keep asking. And then, if he changes his answer from “I love plying in Boston” to “I'm enjoying my time here” they'll get to discuss why he doesn't “love” it anymore. They'll keep asking him until asking about it creates the story. It won't produce anything worthwhile, of course, but they'll be able to go back and forth and create story after story. It'll be a mess.

Really, the MLBPA needs to nip it in the bud. They need to release a statement saying that from now on any question about contracts will be answered with “On advice from the MLBPA I will simply say that I look forward to playing during my entire current contract and exploring all options when my contract expires.”

Then, every player just sticks to that, and eliminates that entire distraction.

And, as a fan, I would be much happier.

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