Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Between the Stitching - by Taylor Higgins

Since this isn't the type of book I usually review, I would say the best way to start this write up is by using the author’s own words.
From the back cover:

In this New England based romance, Taylor Higgins invites you along on the journey she and soulmate, Skyler Williams, share together. Williams, a professional baseball player in the Boston Red Sox organization, battles his way through minor league baseball in hopes of pursuing his dream of playing in the big leagues. During this adventure, the couple encounters many obstacles while individually searching for their own placements in this world. With hopes number eleven will persevere and achieve his dream, Taylor struggles to keep her own identity afloat.

Follow Taylor as she unintentionally exposes the twisted realities behind is beloved ball game. Travel, live out of a suitcase, become part of the unique sisterhood between the wives and girlfriends of the uniformed men, believe in the power of a goal, and witness first hand as she proves that love is the most impactful energy on this planet. Allow her to introduce to you her own heart and together we will devour the saddening repercussions of losing yourself to tattered, empty people.

If that's not enough of an introduction, here's what Taylor said when she visited with Section 36 Bruins.

Anyone who has ever suffered a loss of any kind will benefit from this story. I guarantee it. If you're a baseball fan on top of it, even better! I promise you it will be unlike any book you've ever read before. I recommend this to mature audiences only.

With that sort of introduction, what did I think when I read it?


Simply, wow.

I could not put this book down. Even though this was autobiographical, it certainly didn't read that way. It was a compelling story that was told in a way to drag me right in. I felt her pain, and her joy, as if I was living it with her. I was scared for her. I wanted to yell at her. I was relieved for her. All with the knowledge that this happened in the past.

Honestly, the strictly baseball part of it would have been enough. The look behind the scenes of a baseball relationship dealing with so much time apart was fascinating. The added aspect of the relationship struggles that probably affect all manner of couples was just an added benefit to the story. The combination made for a powerful story that anyone would want to read.

She’s right to suggest mature readers, since some of the scenes can be graphic or sexually explicit. But beyond that, just about everyone will find something to pull them into this book. I can't recommend strongly enough that you read it yourself to see which parts pull you in.

Rating: 4 bases

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