Monday, January 1, 2018

Wax From Santa

People who follow Section 36 on twitter already know this, but I found something unexpected under my tree this year. Two wax boxes of junk wax. See?

Two boxes of Fleer products. 1988 and 1990. Each of them full of their full 36 packs each.

The funny part is that back in the day, I didn't get much 1988 Fleer. This is probably the most I've ever had in my hand at one time. So, I'm excited to dive into these and see what's inside. 

But, I decided that the fact that both boxes hold 36 packs was a coincidence that I couldn't pass up. These boxes needed to be blogged about. So, I felt that the best way to go about it was a simple "Wax Wars" feature. Once a week, I'll open a pack of each. Using a scoring system, I'll decide which of the two had the best pack. At the end of the two boxes, I'll see which box came put on top, in a match-play style competition. Sound like fun? I hope so. What will the scoring system be? Really simple.

Red Sox card: 2 points
Hall of Famer card: 1 point
Yankees card: -2 points

So, this Wax War Wednesday, expect my first post! But, to start off, I thought I'd try a little pre-competition. After all, I should have an odd number just in case. As luck would have it, both boxes have cards on the bottom, so let's get this started!

1988 Fleer

Well, there you go. 1988 jumps to an early lead with a Hall-of-Famer on the box bottom. How's the competition?

1990 Fleer


So, 1988 holds onto the lead. 

Next post, we'll actually open some packs, and see what comes out. Hope you'll follow along.

Oh, and if you're collecting these cards for some reason, let me know. I imagine that most of these will be available when they're all opened.

This should be fun!

Box Bottom: 1988 1, 1990 0


  1. I expect '88 Fleer to win in a landslide.

    I actually have an '88 Fleer want list on my site. So I see a possible trade brewing.

    1. I'll definitely give the list a look once they're opened.

  2. Junk wax at it's best! I'd be interested in the 1988 team logo stickers you pull, I have some needs from that set. See my wantlist.


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