Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Lesson to be Learned

This should serve as a reminder to all the kids out there. You can perform much better if you get a good night's sleep.

Because, that's the only thing that's been able to stop the Red Sox as they've made their way through a torturous road trip. They've pounded two playoff type teams in their parks, just the way they're supposed to. Or, at least hoped to.

Going back to the zombie game, I'm not sure how much of that gets hung on the plane ride. Sure, the bullpen hasn't been as effective as we'd all like. (Which is why Papelbon wouldn't be a bad idea.) But, generally, Ziegler has been good. So, it't odder when he falls apart. Plus, I can see how the lack of sleep would affect a bench guy more than a starter. I know that when I'm over tired coffee can get me going. But, once I sit down for a second, my body just shuts down. I wonder if six innings sitting in the bullpen does the same thing.

But, let's be honest. After five tough games on the road, there was bound to be a stinker. I prefer to say that it took a flukey rally against a team working on zero sleep for the second place team in the Central to beat the Sox at home. 

And after that glitch, the Sox recovered. They didn't spiral. They came back out the next day and smothered the Tigers in a convincing win. They followed that with Pomeranz turning in another top outing. The rain was an annoying factor, as it cut short what was shaping up to be a great outing. But, the bullpen was able to hold on. After all, they had their rest. That gives them four wins in five games of the trip. There are some people who thought the Sox wouldn't get four wins the entire trip.

But, good teams do that. They can beat other good teams. Sure, they won't do it every time and that's frustrating. But more often than not, the good team comes out of top.

And the Red Sox are a good team.

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