Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hello? Is This On?

Hi there! Miss me? I  know, it's been weirdly quiet over here this last week or so. Basically, I was out of town for a bit, and didn't dare schedule posts over the trade deadline. I knew once I did, the Sox would package Betts and bradley in a trade and everything i said would look ridiculous. (Almost as ridiculous as packaging Betts and Bradley in any trade that didn't return Harper and Scherzer.) Things were odd enough with all the west coast games as it was. You did't need me spouting off on things that didn't happen.

So, what did happen? A mixed bag really. Lots of wins, some losses. The division and the wild card standings are so packed that the Sox can go from leading both to being out of the playoffs practically overnight. Various injuries have caused the Sox to be without their usual line-up for quite a while now. So, things are really jumbled. 

Which is good, in a way. The Sox went (and are going through) a stretch where they don't have Pedroia, Ortiz, and Hanley in the line-up at one time. But, they sit merely 2 games out of the division lead, and have the second wild card by half a game. Imagine what will happen when everyone is, you know, actually playing.

Same goes for the rest of the team. The Sox just got Kimbrel back from the DL, but Koji is still there. So, the bullpen isn't full strength yet. Even so, they were able to throw five scoreless innings the other night to help the team get a win. Once again, the Sox are holding their own without being at fill strength.

Imagine how much fun these last two months will be once they get rolling.

2 games will be nothing!

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