Friday, December 18, 2015

Collecting the Sox: Star Wars

Is it me, or is Star Wars a bigger deal than it used to be?

I don’t know if it’s just another example of social media exploding the impact of everyday things into our lives. People on twitter need something to talk about, so it seems like whatever is going on that day is the most important thing in the world. Like a striped dress, for instance. Or is it that Star Wars has been around so long that expanding generations is stretching the impact? The one Star Wars geek who saw the movie 336 times in 1977 is now a 50-year old with two kids and a grandkid? So, what used to be one fan has become four? But, I don’t see that same thing happening with other movies. Maybe it’s the power of Disney? After all, if they can make obscure Marvel characters into mega-hits, imagine what they can do with something that already has a fan base.

Whatever it is, there is a lot more Star Wars stuff around these days. That, of course, means it has also snuck into Red Sox collecting. As I mentioned with Disney crossovers, it’s only natural for such dual marketing to have appeal.

Again, this is a pretty new thing. I don’t remember a lot of it happening over the years. In fact, the only Star Wars item currently in my collection is a Star Tours baseball from Disney World in my baseball collection. It’s not even a Red Sox item. But, that has changed. Last season, major league baseball really promoted the “May the Fourth” Star Wars festivities. (Social media turning a small clever day into a national holiday?) The Red Sox gave away statues of baseballs made to look like the Death Star. I don’t have one of these, and the prices they go for on eBay mean I probably won’t ever have one. (Those prices also show how popular Star Wars Red Sox items apparently are.) Which is one reason I’m going to be sure to get to the Star Wars Night game next year. I don’t want to have to go to the secondary market for the BB-8 baseball statue!

Along with the in-park giveaways, MLB came out with a Star Wars clothing line. There were several t-shirts available. They were made for every team, with just the logos changing on a standard design. Along with generic designs, there were some that were pretty clever. One of my favorites showed a picture of Han Solo, with the words “Boston scored first.” This was especially interesting to me because it referenced the debate among die-hard Star Wars fans over a change made to Episode IV. I was surprised that MLB assumed people would understand the reference. Just another example of how big Star Wars has gotten. If the Red Sox offer more of these shirts again this year, I’ll definitely try to add one to my collection.

Beyond that, I’m sure there are other crossover collectables out there that would appeal to Red Sox Star Wars fans. Do you know of any? I’m sure that there are even more in the works. Considering how often Mickey Mouse shoes up in Red Sox gear, I wonder if Darth Vader can be far behind. 

Do you have a favorite Red Sox Star Wars collectable?

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