Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What Did Signing Drew Do?

Well, for one thing, it settled everyone down just a little bit. Not, the hidden weapon is here. It's like when everyone falls in love with the back-up quarterback. He's here now. What are you going to whine about next?

Don't get me wrong. I think it's a good idea. More talent is always better than less talent. Frankly I'm a little surprised to see the Sox agree with that, since they often do the opposite. But, Drew offers some stability. Especially with Middlebrooks down for at least a good bit of time. Having a better-than-average shortstop there to fill in is a big asset. Switching Bogaerts to third clearly makes the most sense. Maybe this will actually help him. Instead of looking over his shoulder all the time, maybe Bogaerts can just play. There is no plan B. Just him.

But, what about when Middlebrooks comes back? I know, the answer will be that these things tend to sort themselves out. But, assuming that Drew and Bogaerts are both playing at at least close to a level you'd like them to be at, can you really send Middlebrooks back to Pawtucket? I know that 25 isn't exactly old. But, at some point do the Sox just need to see what they have in him? To fish or cut bait?

Personally, I would have preferred that Drew be the back-up. Start the kids, but let Drew give each of them a day off every week or so. Maybe three starts a week, plus a defensive replacement. From there, it's the youngsters chance to just play. But, I doubt the Sox are paying Drew $10 million to be a back-up or platoon guy. He’s here to play. It’s up to the youngster to take their time and grow.

Or, be traded.

Is Drew the savior? Of course not. But, as I said, the Sox didn’t need to be saved. They need a quality player to add some more stability. They’ve done that.

I guess they’ll sort everything else out later.


  1. There has been a giant hole in the lineup all year. That is the one that was being taken up by Middlebrooks. The kid has power but power does no good when can't hit MLB pitching. He needs to either go back to AAA and figure things out (for like the 5th time!!) or just get traded. There isn't exactly a void at 3rd base in the Sox minor league system so I'm all for a trade.

  2. I disagree, the Sox really really NEED a savior! They now have the fifth worst record in baseball. A little perspective, if the season ended today, they would have a higher draft pick than they did after 2012. Lucky for them, the season still has a long way to go. The Sox have had 4 walk off losses in this losing streak and i believe Miller has all 4 of the losses. If he comes in with a tie or slim lead again this year, Farrell should have his head checked. I agree with Ortiz, they stink.


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