Friday, May 23, 2014

From the Pedro Binder

2005 Topps Postseason Highlights

Thought we could all use a reminder of good times today.

There are quite a few things that I really like about this card. First, I thought Topps did a great job in 2005 of incorporating the base card design into its subsets. And, if you ignore the fact that my scanner cropped off the border, you can see the same twisting stripe design used elsewhere in the set. It really helps with continuity. I’d like to give Topps credit for using a picture from the game they’re talking about. But, really, that’s to be expected in a highlights set. I do like that it’s a celebration pic. As opposed to a random pic of Pedro throwing a pitch. The highlight on the card is that the Sox took a 2-0 series lead. That’s something Pedro would be very excited about. (I know I was.)

My only complaint is that the Red Sox and ALDS logos take up so much room at the bottom. If each of those were half the size, it would leave a lot more room for the picture. But, as usual, at least Topps did a good job of tucking their logo into the corner.

All in all, a great card celebrating a great moment in Red Sox history.

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