Monday, December 31, 2012

I Resolve!

Typically, the end of the year is a time for people to reflect on their life, and to make any changes they see the need for. Why do it for the first of the year? No particular reason. Although, I suppose, a July 2 Resolution doesn’t have the same ring to it. A New Year’s Resolution also has the added benefit of only occurring once a year. If you make a New Month Resolution, and fail after three days…you have some obligation to make the same resolution the next month. If you make a resolution on January 1, but flop by January 2, you can wait an entire year before you have to try and make yourself a better person. That’s a handy feature. People also find it nicer to write these resolutions down. Anything written down automatically has more weight. After all, if you take the time to type it out and share it with others, it must be important. Plus, anyone why knows about your resolution will obviously shun you if you don’t stick to it. If you make a resolution in silence, it’s pretty easy to ignore it. Of course, that presumes that anyone is listening, or cares enough to hold you to it. That’s probably not the case here. But, what else am I going to write about on December 31? The upcoming Winter Classic?

The first thing I want to do in 2013 is the same thing I wanted to do in 2012. It’s vague enough that I can both feel like I’ve accomplished it, and still feel like it needs work. It’s perfect. I want to remember to keep the delicate balance between quality and quantity with my posts. I understand that I don’t always have the time available to bring my A-Game. I also understand that it’s possible I don’t have an A-Game. But, if I only posted when I felt like I had written something worthy of a Pulitzer, you may never see another post from me. At the very least, you’d forget about this blog while you waited. Nor do I want to bore everyone with post after post that says nothing. I’m sure you’re thankful for that. So, I want to keep a schedule, without having to keep a schedule. Lately, it seems I’ve posted something at least every other day. That seems to work. If I have more than that to say, that’s cool. If I take three days between posts in order to not mail it in, that’s ok too. As long as I’m not feeling pressure from myself to post something, anything, just to post.

Another thing I say every year is that I want to increase my presence on the other blogs. You all have such wonderful things to say, and I like being a part of that. I also know that I like getting comments on my posts, so I assume that others do as well. I’d like to do my part.

For selfish reasons, I’d like to try to increase my readership. It’s not just that I like seeing the number of hits per day go up. Although, I do enjoy that. It’s also because I like it when everyone plays along with the blog. More readers means more chances of readers doing just that. Not only is it easier for me if people submit things for me to post, but I actually enjoy seeing copies of other people’s scorecards or pictures they took in Section 36. The fact that they help me come up with post ideas is just a little side benefit. I don’t know what increasing my readership involves. It probably just means writing better stuff. So, I’ll try to do that. After all, just getting the name of the blog out there is useless if people come and visit, only to find mindless dribble. (Not that I’d mind it if you liked my facebook page, or followed me on twitter. Can’t hurt.)

I also want to try and trade more. I’ve mentioned before that I have tried buying complete sets, as opposed to boxes of packs. That certainly gives my plenty of things to offer. My only problem is that I tend to dislike the back and forth of trades. The offer, the counter, the counter-counter. But, I’ll try to get over it. After all, making more trades will probably help me with the other three resolutions. So, that’s worth putting the effort into it.

So, there we go. Things I want to try and do in the coming year. If you care, feel free to try and keep me honest. Mocking comments if I’m going astray are encouraged. Or, help me out by contributing to the last two resolutions. Or both. Or, ignore it all completely. Your call.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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