Monday, June 13, 2011

Too Easy

So, I haven’t been following the Red Sox very closely lately. I mean, after their 2-10 start the season was over. They had no chance of making the World Series, since nobody ever had. I figured it wasn’t worth watching the team any more. So, how many games back are they at the moment? Ten? 20? What’s that? They’re in first place? Best record in the AL? Well, well, well. Clearly, then, they haven’t been playing any quality teams. Just wait until they play some contenders in the AL East. Then things will change. What? They just played the Yankees and Blue Jays, and won all six games? On the road? Hmm. Maybe the team has a chance after all.

All I can say about the last week’s worth of Red Sox games is “total domination.” It didn’t even look fair out there. The starting pitching has been great. Last night, Lester was able to keep his concentration going while his team was making him wait forever while they were scoring run after run. Of course, at the end of the year, people will point to his “support” number and say he’s only leading the league in wins because the Red Sox score so many runs. They’ll ignore the fact that Lester hardly used any of them. A seventeen run outburst will skew his support number for the rest of the season. They won’t care that he only gave up two hits. But, he only gave up two hits! That’s exactly what you hope for from an ace. It’s been lost in the tremendous offense the last few days, but the pitchers have done their part. It’s a complete team effort, and Tampa must be shaking in their boots.

Really, the best win lately in my mind was the first one in Toronto. The Sox had a late night the game before in NY. And by late, I mean LATE. They got into Toronto in the wee hours. That first game is one you expected them to lose. You could forgive them not showing up for that game. You didn’t imagine you’d see them at their best. Which, I suppose was true. It was the only game of the series they didn’t score fourteen runs. But, that’s really the point. This team is so talented. That even without their A-game they can roll over another club. It’s just scary.

And a whole bunch of fun to watch.

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