Wednesday, May 26, 2021

1975 Topps Page by Page: Page 56 (496-504)

I'm sure that you all remember that I finally completed my 1975 Topps set.

Now that it's done I thought it would be fun to look through the set and talk about it. Going page by page seemed like a good way to go about it. Hopefully you find it interesting to read what I have to say.

How about we continue with page 56?

Red Sox Cards on the Page  

0. Not this time. Even worse? There's a Yankee.

Cards that make the 1975 Topps set cool 

Cards of young Hall of Famers are cool. While I don't know if Ryan is "young" in 1975 (he was 28 years old in his ninth major league season) he would go on to play another 18 seasons. I always thought the 1975 set was a great generational connector set. You had players from the 50s and 60s like Hank Aaron in the set, and you also had cards of players like Rice and Yount and Brett who would be stars into the 90s. Ryan pretty much does that all on his own.

My favorite card on the page 

I love the pose from Bourque. He's not replicating a swing follow though, or a throw follow through. Nope. He's a first baseman. So, he's replicating making the stretch and catch for a putout. Classic. But, even with can I go against the Ryan here? Especially since I just called it a set defining card.

What would your answers to those last two categories be?


  1. That Downing card has always been one of my favorite Dodgers from the set.

    The Nolan Ryan card is cool, of course, but the Pat Bourque card is the coolest.

  2. It seems appropriate for Ryan to be the center card. I'll agree with you that Bourue is cool though!


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