Saturday, December 29, 2018

Year in Review: The Section 36 Suite

Section 36 is a Red Sox fan blog. Hopefully that's been clear to you up to this point. The blog started as my way to talk about my views on the Red Sox with as many people as possible. That hasn't changed.

But, over time, I've realized that there are other things that I'd like to talk about every now and then. As with most Red Sox fans, I'm also a fan of the other Boston sports. So, sometimes I have things I'd like to get off my chest about those teams too. So, you've probably noticed that Section 36 has blogs for the Celtics, Bruins, and Patriots as well. There was never an intention to post there regularly, but to have them there waiting when I wanted them. As luck would have it, all three of those blogs saw some unexpected posts in 2018.  

The Celtics blog was fortunate enough to post a few guest blogs from Joshua. Those posts were well received and added some much needed quality content to the blog. I hope those guests posts will continue as the Celtics march their way to the NBA finals.

The other two blogs were actually lucky enough to host their own visitors!

The Bruins blog featured an interview with Taylor Higgins. Taylor was promoting her new book, and as a former Bruins Ice Girl, we found a home for her interview on that blog. (You can find my review of her book here on Section 36) It was exciting to be able to try something new with that blog.

Similarly, the Patriots blog was able to post an interview with a rookie member of the New England Patriots Cheerleaders, Jonet Nichelle. It was such a great experience to add her to the Section 36 family, and was glad to have a way to do it.

While I still don't intend to focus on those blogs, I'd love the chance to continue providing them with great content like that in 2019.

More recently, I added a non-sports blog to the suite in 2017. With the huge increase in visits from titleholders (remember the post from the other day?) I found myself wanting to have a home for them. A simple page on Section 36 didn't seem like enough. So, Section 36 Pageants was created as a way to display the titleholders in their own environment. They can dominate the sidebars. There can be photographer pages. That sort of thing. Like the other sports blogs, the intention was never to focus on creating content for that blog. It was just going to be for spillover posts from here. But, that changed a bit in 2018, as it had a couple exciting posts of its own. First, forever Miss Rhode Island Allison Rogers wrote a wonderful guest blog about her struggles with migraine disorder. I was flattered that I was able to provide a place to publish that important post. Then, following her first runner up finish at Miss America, Bridget Oei wrote a series of guest blogs talking about here experiences in Atlantic City. She's already submitted several posts, and hopefully she'll come up with a few more. I'm honored to have her contributing to the blog. Again, it was exciting to see the Pageants blog grow on its own in 2018. I certainly hope to have more exclusive content over there in 2019.

Which brings me to the newest member of the Suite. Once again, I found that many of my visitors had something in common that deserved to be celebrated. Enter Section 36 Music! A place to celebrate all the musicians and singers who have visited or contributed to Section 36. While it hasn't been around long enough to have the sort of content as the others, I like the future to come. Like the others, it should have plenty of "accidental" content to augment any exclusive posts. That's something for 2019 to bring!

So, I am thrilled by the progress made by all the blogs in the Section 36 Suite during 2018. There's a lot to build on going forward. I may even start posting more links on the other blogs back to relevant content here on Section 36. It's all in flux, but very exciting!

I can't wait for 2019!

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