Monday, January 2, 2017

Snapchat: Section 36 Feeling Social

Continuing the series of different ways you can connect with Section 36, today I thought I’d touch on Snapchat.

About a year ago, I announced that Section 36 was finally on Snapchat. I also said that I wasn't really sure why it was. I still assumed that Snapchat was just for sending dirty pictures. But, when I noticed that the Red Sox had an account, I assumed it had some appropriate use. It's honestly taken me from then to now to even remotely figure it out. And I know I'm not even close.
Others have helped
get the word out too!

But, I've been talking to and spying on other bloggers who use Snapchat well (like One Busy Bee and Escape with Jess) to get some ideas. And I've started to use it more. I've snapped contests. I've snapped questions. I've snapped pictures. I've had more people add me. Hopefully it's been a fun experience for them.

Of course, the purpose I stated in the first place still holds true. I'm finding Snapchat useful as a communication tool for readers. Whether it's seeing another Red Sox snap from someone I follow, or having pictures submitted as a snap, or just answering questions,
Snapchat has had a purpose.

So, hopefully you'll decide that being part of the Section 36 Snapchat evolution is something you want to be a part of. We can all explore it together, and hopefully have a lot of fun along the way!

But, only if you add Section 36 first!

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