Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 Scavenger Hunt

I did it! I mentioned the possibility last year, but decided to just go for it this year. I felt that the hunt was running too long. While I liked the idea of having something to do stretching from the World Series to Spring Training, it just wasn’t practical. Of course nobody did anything on it until the last minute. So, it was just wasting time. With that in mind, I cut the time down. Unfortunately, that meant moving the start date into the next year. So, it’s pretty hard for me to call this the “2016 Scavenger Hunt” when it takes place entirely in 2017! So, I’m rolling with it. There will be no “2016 Scavenger Hunt” champion on the sidebar. We’re just going to have to all know that there was still a winner every year. You cool with that? Good.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s get down to the hunt itself! Are you ready? I’m sure you remember how it works. If not, I’ll remind you. Below, you’ll find a list of 36 items for you to try and find. When you find an item, take a picture of it and send it along to me. Whoever sends me pictures of the most items wins. Pretty simple, right? We’ll make the end of the hunt be 12:36 PM eastern time on February 5, 2017. This gives enough time to find the stuff, and fills the time almost right up to pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training. Sound like fun? Of course it does. What do you win if you find the most items? Worldwide fame and admiration! I will post the winner’s name (and picture if one is provided) on this very site and hail them as the 2017 Scavenger Hunt Champion! I’m sure that Kristen has found her worldwide fame to be quite an honor this past year. (Well, past two years in her case!) If you actually want a prize you can hold in your hand, I’ll award a scorebook made up of the Section 36 official scorecards, bound together to allow you to score twenty games! I’ll also include the collection of SWAG shown with the scorebook in the picture: a magnet, a window cling, and some stickers.. Not too bad, right? If I come up with anything else to add to the pile in the next month, I’ll do that. Ready to get started? Here is this year’s list of items to get pictures of:

1. Red Sox dog leash
2. Ticket to 2013 World Series game
3. Red Sox table
4. Official Program from 2007 World Series
5. “Time” magazine with Red Sox player on cover
6. Section 36 shirt
7. Red Sox barstool
8. David Ortiz “final season” item
9. Chris Sale t-shirt
10. Stuffed Wally
11. Red Sox player
12. Andrew Benintendi baseball card
13. Used official Section 36 scorecard
14. Red Sox socks
15. Cy Young Statue
16. Koji Uehara replica jersey
17. 2016 Red Sox Media Guide
18. Red Sox DVD
19. Autograph of member of 2015 Red Sox
20. Red Sox bikini
21. Pedro Martinez book
22. Pablo Sandoval t-shirt
23. Bobby Doerr Hall of Fame plaque
24. Red Sox earrings
25. Ticket stub from Section 36
26. Red Sox foam finger
27. Wine bottle with Red Sox player on it
28. 36 of something
29. Van Ness St
30. Tessie item
31. Red Sox bumper sticker
32. Red Sox puzzle
33. “Retired Number” hat
34. Red Sox office supply
35. Female Red Sox fan
36. Male Red Sox fan

A quick clarification. Unless it says otherwise, “Red Sox Player” refers to anyone who ever played for the Sox in a regular season game. That counts even if the player isn’t depicted as a Red Sox player in the picture. That would also apply when a player’s name is called out. So, Jim would be able to use anything from his Phillies Room depicting players like Curt Schilling and Pedro Martinez, even if they’re in their Phillies garb.

Now, since I want this to be a scavenger hunt, and not a google search, I’ll need a way to make sure you actually find these items yourself. So, in order to qualify any picture must have any one of these three things in it.

1. You. This might be the easiest way. If you’re in the picture, I can be pretty sure you actually found the item. This has one advantage in that it doesn’t have to be a new picture. If you went to Fenway last summer and took a picture on Lansdowne St, that would work. Or,

2. The Section 36 logo. Just have it showing somewhere in the picture. Or,

3. The address of this blog, “” , written somewhere in the picture. Write it out on a piece of paper, on a sidewalk with chalk, on someone’s leg, whatever. (Just don’t vandalize anything). 

That make sense? So, send in your pictures to me, section36 at gmail dot com (I bet you know which parts to replace with symbols) You can even tweet it to me, or use a facebook msg, or even snapchat. Whatever works for you! It would be nice if you told me which items you thought were in each picture. If there’s a tie between people who have the same number of found items, the tiebreaker will be the person who did it with the fewest number of pictures. If you get a picture of a Female Red Sox fan, wearing a Koji jersey t-shirt, while holding a Red Sox DVD, it would be 3 items in one picture. That’s a great start, although I’m sure you can do better. One year, Jere had over 20 items in a single photo! (If I need a second tiebreaker, I’ll have a vote to decide the best pictures.) 

I think that covers everything! It’s now up to you to start sending me your pictures. I’ll keep reminding you as the weeks go by.

Good Luck!

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