Friday, November 6, 2015

Submitting Pictures is Now a Snap!

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know I love pictures. 

I have several pages devoted to them. In addition to the pictures on the blog pages, the Section 36 Facebook page posts a picture a day.

Some are pictures of people in Section 36. Some are people posing with Section 36 behind them. Some are pictures people have taken from Section 36. Still others are pictures of people holding signs saying how much they’d rather be in Section 36

They’re all wonderful.

People submit their pictures in many different ways as well. Most people e-mail them. Some tweet them to me. Some use the Facebook message feature. I figured those options pretty much covered me.

Until I got an e-mail from Alicia.

She sent along the picture seen in this post via e-mail, as she’s done before. She commented, though, that she keeps forgetting to save her pictures to send to me, so she hadn’t sent one in a while. I bet you all recognize format. 


I had always wondered about it. I saw the Patriots asking people to follow their snapchat story. Friend of the blog Bernadette is often promoting her business snapchat account. But, I never really understood the benefit.

Until now. If it gives the readers of the blog one more easy way to submit pictures, I’m all for it. So, go look for “section36” on snapchat. Then, the next time you take a picture with Section 36 behind you, or holding my favorite sign, you can easily send it along. I can grab it from there to post other places. How easy is that?

That way everyone can enjoy your Section 36 pictures.

Just like Alicia’s.

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