Wednesday, November 25, 2015

From the Pedro Binder

2003 Playoff Portraits


Just wow.

I really like this card.

Honestly, I’m not sure why. But, I think it’s because it’s willing to go the extra mile.

After all, paintings on baseball cards are nothing new. They’ve been doing it all along. Nor are baseball meant to look like works of art anything out of the ordinary. Donruss Studio anyone? But, this one has the ability to bring that all together, and then some. It’s clearly a painting, and doesn’t even pretend to hide from that. It’s on the canvas type cardstock, to really bring that home. But it kept going. It’s a head shot, in keeping with the “portraits” name. The smudged pain border on an otherwise plain canvas screams simplicity. It’s just a gorgeous image.

But, it keeps getting better. There’s a spot for Pedro’n name and team along the bottom, clearly written in plain black. The company logo and brand name are also tucked away so that they don’t infringe on the image. Fantastic.

I’ve often said that there are some cards I’d love to have blown up and hung on my wall. I’ve never meant that as much as I do with this card.

And the card knew I’d say that from the beginning.

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