Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lauren Kuhn Visits Section 36!

Lauren Kuhn is obviously a Red Sox Fan. She also happens to be the current Miss Massachusetts, having finished in the top five at Miss America 2015! I thought it would be fun to reach out to Lauren and ask her some questions about Fenway, the Sox, and her time as Miss Massachusetts. So, let's see what happens when Lauren Kuhn visits Section 36!

How often do you get to Fenway Park?
I get to Fenway Park about once per month during the season.  I make the most of every game I attend and of course, I attended the World Series souvenir ring night and I will cherish that ring for many years to come. On a student budget, I have to make the most of the times I can afford to attend!

If you can't sit in Section 36 to watch the Red Sox, where do you (or where would you) like to sit?
Lauren in the Miss America Parade.
One of the few times, I imagine, that she
wouldn't rather be in Section 36!
I enjoy sitting almost anywhere!  I feel like I've been all around Fenway Park, because I enjoy sampling the sections.  Even the standing room only area is fun!

Where were you when the Red Sox won the 2013 World Series?  
I was outside Fenway Park!  I was hosting a visiting student from California and I took her to the Fenway area, where we stood on the bridge near the Yawkey Commuter Rail Station to be able to peek into the park and feel like we were part of the excitement!

How did you celebrate becoming Miss Massachusetts?  
celebrated by preparing for Miss America.  It was a dream come true for me to have the opportunity to compete at the next level!  I will say I love to sample different cuisines, travel, and sleep in (when possible), so I tried to mix that in with my Miss America preparations.

What has surprised you about being Miss Massachusetts?  
I've been surprised by how kind and hospitable people have been!  There have been times this year when I've literally felt like a queen.  It's been an unique experience and I've been asked to attend and speak at events across the state.

I know there's not much time left, but do you have a goal you'd like to accomplish before the end of your reign as Miss Massachusetts?  

I'm working very hard to make myself available to this year's contestants.  Each time I've competed, I've had a lot of questions and I'm hoping to answer any and all questions they have BEFORE they compete.  Knowledge is power, right?

How did you become interested in your platform, "Empowering Women Through Education"?  

I myself have been the recipient of many scholarships, as well as encouragement from family and community members.  However, simultaneously, I have been told by both family and friends that my scholastic and career goals are too lofty.  I know what it's like to feel a mixture of encouragement and discouragement.  I want young women to see that their educational goals are affordable and attainable.  As part of my platform, I also started a scholarship which will be awarded for the second time this year to a UMass Dartmouth student.

What does the future hold for you once you turn over your crown?  

I am currently a full-time Doctor of Dental Medicine student at Harvard University and will continue my studies until May 2017, when I will graduate! 

At the moment, how do you like the Red Sox chances in 2015?  

I am always keeping my fingers crossed.  I think they have a shot and I'd love to see them win the World Series again very soon!


Have to love that optimism!

A big thanks to Lauren for participating, and for sending along the fantastic parade photos. (That outfit is just spectacular!) Hopefully future trips to Fenway will include a picture with (or even in) Section 36!

And, who knows...maybe one of this year's contestants will be the next to Visit Section 36.

Thanks again Lauren!

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  1. This woman would become a career woman, if indeed such a story


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