Tuesday, July 1, 2014

She Scored!

June 26, 2014

I received a tweet from Melissa recently (@UKfan1129 if you’re twitterpated) showing off her completed Section 36 scorecard! Let’s see how it looks, shall we?

Right away, I see something I like. On Posey’s at bat in the first inning, he hit a double. There’s an arrow in the box, which I assume indicates the direction the hit went. I’ve seen other people do this, and always wondered why I don’t do it as well. It’s an easy way to add some useful information to the card. I also noticed that much like Jim, she’s an experienced NL scorecard keeper. She knew enough to leave everyone batting in the pitcher’s spot on the one row. I would have been tempted to start putting Gutierrez’s scores in the next row, but would have quickly run out of room. Good job by Melissa there. I also like the diagonal lines between innings. I tend to use the “X” taking up the whole next box. Frankly this is because I need the big reminder not to score in that box. But, the card looks a little more cluttered because if it. But, there are no mistakes. It’s a trade-off Melissa, apparently, didn’t need to make. I’m a little jealous.

It’s also lucky that this card captured Duvall’s first ML appearance, as well as his first home run. The point of any card is to record history, and this one certainly does that. What a break.

How about the game itself? Melissa was probably happy, because the Reds went away with the victory. The pitching held the Giants to a single run, allowing the minimal offense to do its job.

The hero of the game? I’d be tempted to give it to Jay Bruce and his three hits. But, of Brandon Phillips’s two hits, one was a home run. So, I’m going to give him the nod.

The goat? Joey Votto needs to do more from the three-hole. A big 0-4 does not help the team score runs.

As we know, it didn’t matter. “Chappy” came in and closed it out, and the Reds added one to the win column.

And Melissa’s third ever scorecard shows how it happened.

Thanks for sharing, Melissa!

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