Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Fantasy

My fantasy baseball league drafted last night. Since I’m sure you’ve all been dying to find out what my team looks like, I’m going to tell you now.

First, a little background. It’s a ten-team standard 5x5 league. As you can see, the line-ups are pretty deep. Wraparound draft. Additionally, we’re adding keepers this year for the first time. You get to keep up to two players. If you keep someone, you forfeit your pick in whatever round you originally drafted the player. I had the second pick in the draft this year. So, who’d I get?

Did I get any Red Sox?

C        AJ Pierzynski
1B      Adrian Gonzalez
2B      Dustin Pedroia
3B      Pedro Alvarez
SS      Xander Bogaerts
CI       Will Middlebrooks
MI      Jurickson Profar
OF      Mike Trout
OF      Josh Hamilton
OF      Shane Victorino
OF      Carl Crawford
Util      David Ortiz
Util      Denard Spain
Util      Jonathan Lucroy
Ben     Jackie Bradley, Jr
Ben     Brandon Crawford

SP      Adam Wainwright
SP      Anibal Sanchez
SP      Hisash Iwakuma
RP      Sergio Romo
RP      Jonathan Papelbon
P         Jon Lester
P         John Lackey
P         Jake Peavy
Ben     Neftali Feliz
Ben     Edward Mujica

Obviously, Mike Trout was my first round pick. He was followed by Wainwright, Pedroia, Ortiz, and Xander. Ortiz and Xander were probably taken higher than I should have. But, I couldn’t see anyone I liked better than Ortiz at the time. Xander was just because I wanted him as a keeper. I figured spending a fifth round pick on him into eternity wasn’t a terrible idea. With the wraparound, it would have been almost two full rounds before I got another pick. I didn’t dare wait. In my head, right now, I’m pegging Trout and Bogaerts as my keepers. Obviously, subject to change.

The rest of the team balanced out well, if I do say so myself. Three actual closers are more than I usually get. Frankly, I don’t always draft a closer. The starting staff has a nice combination of “wins” guys and “numbers” guys. My line-up has great positional flexibility. Lucroy, Xander, and Profar all are eligible at more than one position.

So, I’m pleased. Just like everyone right after a draft, I suppose. The fact that I have eleven current Red Sox is a nice bonus as well. That I got Bradley, Middlebrooks, Peavy, and Mujica in the last few rounds or so is even better. Let’s start the season!

How do you think I did?

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