Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Three Weeks!

That’s right. There are only three short weeks left to enter the 2013 Section 36 Scavenger hunt!

It’s time to get a move on. With three weeks left, you’re running out of time to get to some of the harder to reach items.

Sure, you can still try and get a picture of a Cy Young statue. But, you might start running into weather issues if you wait much longer. You don’t want to skip anymore sunny days.

You can still go out and buy a white t-shirt to create your own Section 36 shirt. There’s even still time to have fun and be creative. Wait much longer, and you’re going to have to just tape a printout of the blog homepage to the front of a shirt. But, we all know you want to, and can, do better than that.

Get out there and visit the local mall. Take pictures of all the items you find there. Go visit your friends with huge Red Sox collections and scour for items. (Be sure to pretend you’re there to actually visit with them.) Do whatever you need to do.

Take those pictures now!

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