Thursday, January 2, 2014

Can a Goal be a Resolution?

Lots of people make resolutions. Most of them are under the complete control of the person making the resolution. “I want to run one mile every day.” That’s something you can control. It’s up to you, and only you, to find the time to run one mile every day. But, what if your resolution was to “make up with my sister?” Doesn’t that require some help from the sister? Can you count that as a resolution?

As I started writing down what I wanted to accomplish as a blog this year, I found a couple of each of those. Some I could just do, and some I needed some help with. The latter are nice, because I gave myself an out if I don’t accomplish them. Want to read what I have? Too bad, you’re going to anyway.

Make a dent in my 1975 Topps set completion. I know. I just talked about this. It’s been sitting there, and I’ve done nothing with it. So, I figure the easiest way to deal with a set I can’t get motivated to complete is to complete it and be done with it. I’d like to just go for it, and move on. (Did you sense all the excitement in that?)

Finish up the 2013 wantlist. I know, I didn’t post a wantlist for 2013. That’s because I’ve been buying the complete sets for the most part. When I get some extra money in the card fund, I look at the sets I need, and grab them. But, in my efforts to let the prices die down after release, I’ve lost track of a couple. I need to go back and make sure I don’t have any holes.

Make more trades. This is one of those that isn’t really up to me. In order to make a true trade, I need a trade partner. So, I guess what I really need to do is make the effort to make more trades. Start looking over posted wantlists. Start making offers. Then just hope it results in more trading. After all, I love making trades. It’s one of the best parts of the blog.

Get more people to like me. Yeah, this one is almost entirely up to others. But, the Section 36 Facebook page had quite a 2013, and I’d like it to continue. At the moment, 233 people “like” the page. That’s up 200 from last January. I don’t dare attempt to hope for that many new likes again. But, getting to 300 sure would be nice. Admittedly, I’m absolutely going to need help. If you don’t like the page yet, go do it now. If you do like it, thanks! Please, tell all your friends that they should like it too. I’ll do my best to make the page worth liking.

Lead more who follow. Once again, not up to me. But, the Section 36 Twitter account has 948 followers at the moment. 1000 would be fantastic. 2000 would be incredible. So, again, help would be appreciated. Go follow me, if you haven’t already. And, tell your friends to follow me if you have. Once again, I’ll have to try and make you not regret doing it.

More exposure. Hopefully the previous two will help out a lot with this one. But, I want to get more people stopping by here, and leaving comments, or sending pictures, or participating in scavenger hunts, or whatever else. I know the best thing I can do for that is to write things that make people want to visit over and over. To have people stopping by enough that they want to join in. Some of that will be through sheer numbers. If enough people can see the blog, the more likely one of them has enough spare time to get involved. But, it’s also about having the type of site that people want to come to and want to be a part of. So, that’s a goal for me.

Q & Q. Which brings me to the last resolution/goal that I always have. To find the balance between the quantity of posts for people to read, and the quality of posts to make them want to read. There’s some benefit to just flinging out posts just to keep in people’s minds. But, there’s also something to having the quality stuff that would make readers come back after breaks. Like everyone, I need to find the best way to do both.

OK, maybe I have one more. Fun. If this isn’t fun, why do it? I still like writing posts. I still get a burst of joy at a new comment, or page like, or follow. It’s not a chore, but something I want to do. I just need to keep it what way.

Hopefully this will be quite the year.

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