Thursday, June 7, 2012

And They’re Back

A couple losses, and the morons come screaming back.

My personal favorite was this afternoon’s radio. The comment was made that Josh Beckett didn’t talk to the media after the game last night. They wondered why. They started out by saying that it could simply be that Beckett had nothing to say. He pitched well, nothing interesting happened to him, so why bother? They could have left it at that. But, no. They said that because he didn’t talk, they were now “forced to speculate.” Imagine that. They admitted that the most reasonable answer was looking them in the face, but they were still going to go ahead and make stuff up. Why did Josh Beckett not see it fit to make the media’s job easier? Was he mad that Bobby Valentine had played NL ball and bunted in the seventh? Was it another case of unrest between the pitcher and his manager? Remember when Beckett played golf that off day? What controversy is hidden in Beckett’s silence? Who else wants to come up with something? No answer is too outlandish. After all, we’re “forced to speculate.” I was, of course, forced to change the station.

We need a few more wins to get the EEidiots to go back where they belong. It would be nice if it came tonight. Why are the Sox having such trouble with the Orioles? I have no idea. I think it’s mainly because with their injuries, they are the Orioles. Frankly it’s amazing the Sox win any games with Podsednick-Byrd-Nava as their outfield. When Gonzalez slumps too, it’s just too much. So, you get streaky results. Win three, lose three. If the back-ups swing the bat well, the Sox win. When they don’t, the Sox lose. The nature of a back-up player is the inconsistency. That’s the killer. So, the team gets inconsistent results. Say what you want about what Carl Crawford did when he was healthy last year. He’s better than Podsednick. Ellsbury is better than Nava. Until those guys get back, the Sox are going to be streaky.

The deficit is back to four games…behind just about everyone else in the league. It’s an amazing logjam out there. What does that say? That the Sox are in good shape. They’ve been playing with their AA team, while the rest of the division has not, and they have stayed close. They’re in striking distance. When they get players back, it looks like it will be an easy cruise to the division.

The waiting is the hardest part.

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  1. The answer is simple: down with EEI, and give The Sports Hub a try.


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