Thursday, April 28, 2011

Card of the Week: 1982 Topps #274

When I see this card, I think of an article I read once about baseball card pictures. Basically, in the “old days” card companies wouldn’t waste the film on players who weren’t going to make the team. So, occasionally a rookie would ask the cameraman where he should go for a picture only to be told that it wouldn’t be necessary. Basically, it was the photographer telling the youngster that he wouldn’t make the team. Can’t you just see that happening here?

Ojeda – So, where should I stand for my picture?
Topps – Ummm…yeah, ok…how about over here?
Ojeda – Great. How’s this?
Topps – Would you mind taking off the Red Sox jersey? We’re, umm, doing a series of shots with just plain blue coats.
Ojeda – Umm…sure?
Topps – Oh, and can you tilt your hat up a bit? We’re trying something new where you can’t see hat logos.
Ojeda – So, how will anyone know I play for the Sox, and not any other team?
Topps – That’s actually the whole idea. Wait. No. I mean, don’t worry. They’ll be able to tell. Really.

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