Sunday, April 5, 2009

Book Review: 2009 Red Sox Media Guide

OK, so maybe it's not exactly a book. Maybe the best word would be a reference manual. But, it doesn't really matter. The important thing is that I finally got my hands on the 2009 version this weekend. If you've never seen a media guide, you should at least flip through one. It's where everyone gets all those useless stats about the Sox and its players. A couple gems from this year's guide:
-Jason Bay is one of only 8 players to be traded during a season in which he scored 100 runs, hit 30 home runs, and drove in 100 runs. (BTW, the guy he was traded for is another one)
-Mark Kotsay is one of only 3 players in history to play more games at first base during the postseason than he did during the regular season.
-John Dopson holds the Red Sox record for most balks in a single game with 4 on June 13, 1989.

How can you not need a book filled with all this info? It also has bios on every member of the Red Sox, and the front office. It has team histories, records, a section on minor leaguers, and so much more!

Clearly, any Sox fan has to have this book. I usually read it cover to cover just to see what new stuff is added. It's also fun to see how some active players are moving their way up the all-time Red Sox ranks. (Unfortunately, Manny is no longer one of them) It's also great to hold on to for reference about teams past. Simply put, it's a must read.

Rating: 4 bases

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