Tuesday, January 9, 2018

You Know it's a Dull Off Season When...

You want to run to your keyboard to post about the Sox giving an non-guaranteed contract to a middle reliever.

Yup. When I saw the news that the Sox had signed Carson Smith I was almost giddy. Woohoo! The Sox made a move to help their bullpen! They signed a guy who was hurt most of the last two years. They're on the move now!

Yeah. not exactly signing Manny Ramirez.

But, that's what happens when you're the reigning two-time division champs. You don't have a lot of holes. Certainly not a lot of sexy holes. The Sox needed a first baseman, and they filled that spot. Other than that...the roster is full, right? Full of players who underperformed last year, and still cruised to the division title. So the Red Sox can certainly afford to take things slow. They're in no rush. They could not do another thing, and be in pretty good shape.

Remember, the new manager is good for five wins all on his own. Or, so I've been told. So, we're looking at nearly a 100-win team right now. And that's not counting on players like Devers and 'Tendi continuing to improve. Or David Price having his entire arm for an entire season. Or Porcello not having the worst season possible. The Sox can relax.

Even with that, though, I'm a little surprised that they are. After all, Dombrowski actually said he wanted a power bat. I'm guessing Mitch Moreland isn't who he was talking about. So, is he content to not get what he publicly said he needed most? Is he content to let JD Martinez go elsewhere if he can't get him on his terms? Does he think that adding JD while subtracting elsewhere isn't worth an enormous contract?

And, what is Martinez waiting for? Is his market so low that they'll wait for spring training injuries to create a few holes? Did the Sox offer a DH spot, so they're hoping for someone to let him play the field? What's the plan behind stalling? He's the top dog. He makes first choice, and everyone settles in behind him. Doesn't he run the risk of whichever two or three teams are showing interest give up and find another option? Or does Boras know that there's always another fool out there with deep pockets? I guess he's been doing this for a while now.

Whatever the reason, I'm glad the Sox are waiting right along with him. If he's fine with the contract the Sox offer, great. If not, the Sox have a great team already. It's a good strategy.

Even if it's boring at the moment.

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