Monday, January 15, 2018

What Style Hat Do You Wear?

Today, on National Hat Day, I wanted to talk know...hats.

Specifically, what hats do you like to wear? Obviously the most correct answer to that question is "A Red Sox Hat, duh." But that answer isn't really specific enough.What kind of Red Sox hat?

Because I'm sure you've noticed that there are about 36 million
different styles of Red Sox hats. There's the classic game hat. Throwback hats. Special game hats. Graphic hats. Hats with stripes, and camouflage, and polka-dots. Hats in all colors. All allowing you to profess your love for baseballs greatest team. So, with so many to choose from, which direction do you go?

I tend to lean towards "official" when I buy my Red Sox gear. My home jersey can't have a name on the back of it, and my hat needs to be navy with the red B on the front. But, I will also branch out every once in a while to different versions of official hat. For a long while, I wore the 2004 World Series version. The classic hat with the World Series patch. If I want more variety than that? I like throwback styles, to retain that authenticity. I especially like the 1975 throwback, because it allows a complete departure from blue with red. Red with blue feels so wrong it's right. I sometime think of going for something with a 40's style to it. But, I fear that most people won't realize that the fatter B on the front is a throwback, and instead think it's just a poorly made classic blue.

The only time I've really diverged from the official is when I wore the Pedro Martinez retired number hat. I had that one on my head until it wore out, and I wish I could get another one. 

Other styles of official hat? Like the locker room hats from championships? My gosh do I think those are hideous. I can't imagine wearing something like that out to the store. Same goes for the holiday hats. Rarely do I find one with a color scheme I enjoy.

What about you? Are you classic blue? Zebra stripes?

Something in-between?


  1. Classic blue with red B. I tried the 5950 black B on black cap last year, but it looked terrible on me.

    1. I had a black and sliver version for a while that I said was for fancy occasions. But it really didn't make it out of the house much.


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