Not long ago, my father mentioned to me that my great-grandfather used to score Red Sox games. From the radio! I immediately had two thoughts. First, where did all the scorecards go? Second, why didn’t anyone tell me this before? I’d love to know how he scored the games. Who was his favorite player? My dad said that when he would visit his grandparents, my great-grandfather would be off on his own listening to the radio until the game was over. He must have been a diehard, right? I bet he’d like to know that his descendant not only scores Red Sox games, but also created his own scorecard in order to do it.

If you’d like to continue (or start) your own scoring tradition, here’s the scorecard I created to get you started. Just print it out, and grab your pen. From there, you can print up a copy to bring to a game, or print up a bunch and get someone to bind them into your very own scorebook. If you have a picture of you scoring with the scorecard, send it along. It'd be nice to post some shots here of the card in action! And feel free to send in a scan of your completed scorecard (no matter what card you used) so we can all enjoy it. It's always fun to see how others keep score.

Here's my blank one...and here's a link to the PDF

And, here are some completed ones people have sent in to share...

2012 Opener - Submitted by Don
First ever game scored. Almost made it. - Submitted by Andrew (age 7)
2012 Phillies Home Opener - Submitted by Jim (The Phillies Room)
Submitted by Andrew (9)

Happy Scoring!

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