Section 36 is growing! What was once this single blog devoted to the Red Sox has grown into five blogs, covering all of Boston Sports! It's been an amazing, and unexpected, development. But, it did bring along one problem. The logo I had been using seemed a little limiting. What with the outline of Section 36 from Fenway in it, and the Red Sox style numbers. It didn't really seem to fit with the other three sports. So, I needed something more generic, that people could use to display their affection for any and all of the blogs. I decided not to travel too far for inspiration. I give you the newest Section 36 logo:

You may recognize this as an outline of the pictures I use for my blog avi. This outline version is the same one used for all the blogs, with only the color schemes changing. It seemed like the perfect way to unify all the blogs, and still pay homage to the original. Hope you like it.

And, I hope you use it. You can use it in any of the ways you used the old logo. And, since it applies to so many more groups of fans, you can use it in even more ways! Be creative. If you need some ideas, check here: List of 36 ideas. Don't forget to take a picture of whatever you create and share it with us so we can all marvel at your handiwork.

Don't worry. You can still use the old logo if you have it hanging around somewhere. If Starbucks can use its old logo every now and then, so can Section 36. So, use whichever one you like. Just remember to have fun!

Here are some pictures people have submitted of them spending quality time with the logo!

Submitted by Bryanne

Submitted by Steve

Submitted by Alexis
Submitted by Andrew (8)

Submitted by Jonathan (4)
Submitted by Leah (26)

Submitted by Andrew (8)

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