Friday, August 5, 2011

List of 36

Things you can do with the Section 36 logo:

1. Print it on a t-shirt
2. Print it on a magnet
3. Print it on a poster
4. Bring it to Fenway Park
5. Sew it on a jacket
6. Make it a coloring page for your kids
7. Put it on a coffee mug
8. Print it on bookmarks
9. Make it your desktop background
10. Put it on a lunchbox
11. Make it your Facebook profile picture
12. Bring it to Yankee Stadium
13. Make it into a button
14. Make it out of Christmas lights
15. Have it autographed
16. Print it on a bumper sticker
17. Shave it into your hair
18. Sew it onto an apron
19. Put it on a keychain
20. Bring it to the beach
21. Put it on a birthday cake
22. Put it on a holiday card
23. Put it on a beverage holder
24. Draw it on your driveway
25. Sew it on a backpack
26. Make it a tattoo
27. Stick it on your scorebook
28. E-mail it to your friends
29. Put it on a postcard
30. Put it on your wall
31. Post it on your blog
32. Bring it to the grocery store
33. Put it on underwear
34. Hand copies out to family members
35. Paint it on your chest
36. Put it on playing cards

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