Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon

I wasn’t going to mention it. I didn’t really think I should mention it. After all, when I started this blog, I didn’t want it to be a regurgitation of information you can get anywhere else. I didn’t want to just post box scores, and winning pitchers. I wanted to offer something that you can only get here. Me. Unless I was saying something that the Boston Globe wasn’t, why on earth wouldn’t you just read the professionals? With that in mind, I have a hard time believing that anyone in Red Sox Nation is unaware that the Jimmy Fund Radio-telethon is going on. I certainly can’t believe that a fan dedicated enough to read this little blog doesn’t know the telethon is going on. So, why in the world would I mention it? After all, the link to the Jimmy Fund is a permanent addition to my sidebar. I decided that, in this case, I just didn’t need a good reason.

Frankly I’m always amazed that telethons work. I used to watch the Comic Relief telethons on HBO. I always wondered if people were just figuring out that people were hungry because they were watching the show. I’m pretty sure people know that there is cancer without watching NESN today. Somehow this seems different. For me, the big impact of this particular telethon is the talk from the doctors. To hear them speak so passionately about their research is uplifting. To hear exactly how the money that is donated has directly affected treatment opportunities is humbling. To see just how far we’ve really come in treating this disease is encouraging. These are some amazing people doing some amazing things. I can’t stop myself from helping them. Hopefully you’ll find yourself in the same situation. If you do, head over to the Jimmy Fund and do what you can.

Apparently, every little bit really does help.

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