Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Making Things Interesting

Blowouts are so dull. You can only have so many of those before you start to lose interest. What you really need is to toss in a walk-off victory now and then to keep the juices flowing. I’m pretty sure that’s why Carl Crawford stranded those two runners last night. He knew it would be a whole lot more exciting if the Sox did it in the bottom of the ninth, as opposed to the eighth.

Anyone else tired of the rain? I really wish it would either not rain, or just rain the dang game out. These constant repeated delays are just driving me nuts. They’re terrible for the fans, having to sit in the rain for hours and hours in the soggy night. They’re terrible for people watching at home, having to watch rain delay programming. It’s just a mess. But, they’re worst for the starting pitchers. How could Josh Beckett be expected to pitch true to form when he has to start and stop his whole routine every twenty minutes? Frankly, he did an amazing job giving Sox fans what he gave last night.

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate national broadcasts? I was watching the ESPN broadcast of Monday night’s game, and was constantly reminded of why I can’t watch NFL games. At one point, they showed Marco Scutaro at the plate with runners at first and third. (I believe. At the very least, a guy was on third.) They had him on camera asking Tim Bogar to go through the signs one more time. I chuckled to myself. After missing the squeeze sign a few games ago, I surprised Scutaro doesn’t walk down to Bogar to get it directly. But, the national guys missed it. They went on and on about how silly it was to be looking for signs. Francona never calls for anything. They were just amazed. Not once did they mention the pretty significant incident of missing the squeeze. Instead they went on forever in the wrong direction. It was painful.

It popped up again on the video replay home run call. They went on for a while discussing all the different things that the ball could have hit in order to bounce back into play. Handrails. Lips. Backboards. Finally, Sean McDonough managed to put an end to it. Thankfully he knew that Fenway didn’t have any of that stuff down in the corner, and they should stop discussing options. Phew.

Would it be so tough to get some local flavor into the national broadcasts? They already have three guys in the booth. How about a national play by play, but the color guy from each of the teams? That just helps everyone. I would be spared the mindless drivel. The fan in Milwaukee would get to learn why, exactly, Scutaro was making dang sure he knew what the sign was. What’s the downside? It wouldn’t even need to be Remy all the time. One of the radio announcers would work. Or, even a NESN studio guy. This has to be done.

Before I’m forced to listen to Tim McCarver again.

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