Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Scored!

April 16, 2001

The top of this card tells you that once again this will be an exciting game. An early April game against New York can only mean one thing. The Yankees are in town! Who do the Red Sox have one the mound in this epic battle? Yup. Frank Castillo. Oh well. It was a nice try. Wait. What? The Sox won? How did they do that?

It looks like they did it by slowly annoying the visitors to death. The Sox scored one run in four different innings. They had just over a hit per inning of the game. There were no major scoring threats. They didn’t bat around. They just scored more runs than the Yankees.

The hero of the game? That’s a tough one. No player scored more than one run. Nobody had more than two hits. But, Darren Lewis was the only player with both two hits, a run scored, and a run driven in. So, he gets the game ball for this game. The goat? The obvious choice is Trot Nixon. He was the only starter without a hit. He also hit into a double play. But, he did get that RBI. So, the game wasn’t a total loss. Maybe Shea Hillenbrand and his one-hit RBI-less day can share in some of the blame.

The pitching? It was actually stellar. Castillo held the Yankees completely at bay. To say he had a qhality start is an understatement. Tim Wakefield and Rod beck tossed scoreless outings of their own. What an effort.

So, the Sox did just enough to win. The offense made the most of every opportunity. The pitching made sure every run counted. The Red Sox beat the Yankees. What could be better?

And the scorecard shows how it happened.

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