Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stay on Target!

Ok, by a show of hands. Who saw visions of Eric Gagne as Erik Bedard was walking the world last night? Didn’t it just seem about right? The Sox settle on a guy as the best they can do, only to have him completely implode. As, by the way, Rich Harden was pitching his butt off. Of course that’s the way it would work.

But, that’s not how it worked. Bedard stopped walking everyone he saw. (You could say he finally found the target at Target Field…but that would be pretty lame.) It was really a remarkable performance. Anyone can pitch well when everything is clicking for him. But, Bedard managed to correct whatever was wrong that first inning. He was pitching worse than me for an inning, and then pitched like an all-star. Amazing.

Just as amazing is the rest of the team. They didn’t fall asleep tin the top of the first. They didn’t give in. The stood there and fought back. Really, how easy would it have been to pack it in? To simply look at the way the top of the very first inning was going and decide it just wasn’t their night. Just cruise through the game, and try again next time. But, they didn’t. Once again the Sox won a game they had every right to lose. It was another in a long line of wins that you’ll look back on and say, “That’s why the 2011 Red Sox were so great.” Hopefully it’s one of the wins we’ll look back on and say, “That’s why the 2011 Red Sox were World Champions.”

It’s also amazing that the Yankees didn’t keep pace last night. So, a winning streak matched with a losing streak turned a one game deficit on Saturday into a 2.5 game lead on Tuesday. Things sure can change in a hurry.

This sure looks like the start of a fantastic road trip for the Sox. They have already won the series in Minnesota. You have to expect them to win the series in Seattle. Then it’s back home for a quick stop. (What is it with the schedule? A three-game road trip last week, a two-game homestand next week.) This certainly looks like a chance for the Sox to make some ground. Hopefully they take this 2.5 game lead, and never look back.

It’s more fun that way.


  1. I think Bedard's correction had less to do with his own adjustments and more to do with the homeplate ump remembering where the strike zone is supposed to be.

  2. That could be true. I was listening on the radio, and those guys didn't make it seem like he was getting squeezed. At least I didn't get that impression. But, that does appear to be the case. In that case, good job by him not to get rattled and come back strong.

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