Tuesday, March 19, 2024

2022 Topps Heritage Minor Leagues Hobby Box Opening

This was a fun product to open, especially a couple seasons after the release. It gave the players, who were minor leaguers, the chance to establish themselves a bit. If I had opened this box in 2022, I’m not sure the Elly De La Cruz would have stood out to me yet. Even so, this is likely a product that I’ll have to sit on for a bit before really seeing what I got. What I do know? The Marcello Mayer cards and Elly SP are great pulls, and the rest is just the icing on the cake. I hope you enjoy the video.

How did the box go? I'm glad you asked!

Here's the Box. With Mayer right on the front there.

Great start to the box, as Mayer was one of the three bot topper cards!

Another Mayer, as a shortstop prospect.

Nice to be able to go back to not wanting Jeters again. I got another Jeter in the box too.

The best card in the box? Any time I can add a Casas to the collection, I'm happy.

Future Red Sox ace Brayan Bello.

And again, this time as a pitching prospect.

And another Casas, who is obviously a first base prospect.

And those weren't even all the Red Sox farmhands in the box. So, not bad. Really, the only thing missing is a Mayer base card. (Or, and I guess a Red Sox numbered or autographed card). No complaints.

If you want to see the rest of the box, including the two autos, go check out the opening on my YouTube video. And feel free to like/subscribe while you're there.

How did your box go?


  1. Well it's finally time to spill the beans. In 2011 I typed in your blog address wrong (no hyphen), and found some random blog with one post. I commented. And I waited for you to find it, figuring you might decide at some point to see what the non-hyphened version of your blog was. Every once in a while I'd make another comment. For 12 years I did this, and now I see the blog is finally gone. I was pissed that my "work" was gone...but then I checked the Wayback Machine, and it's got it all! So I give you this "dear diary" now that there's no more chance of you finding it or me or anyone else adding any comments. Enjoy. (You have to scroll down past several spam comments.)

    1. Oh my gosh, you are too funny! I'm so glad you let me know about this. Great job keeping it going for so long.

    2. Ha. (And thanks for replying to this so I didn't have to do it all over again right here for the next dozen years!)


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