Thursday, June 16, 2016

Kailee Dunn Visits Section 36!

Section 36 is lucky enough to have another visitor! Kailee Dunn is many things. She's an enormous baseball fan, especially of her beloved Mariners. She's a Fenway Ambassador. She's a former Miss Washington. So, with the Mariners coming into town this weekend, I thought it was the perfect time for Kailee to visit and answer some questions for the blog covering all those topics, and then some. Thankfully she agreed. So let's see what happens when Kailee Dunn visits Section 36! 

If you can’t sit in Section 36 to watch the Red Sox, where do you (or where would you) like to sit?
If you have the opportunity, sit on the monster! There is quite simply nothing else like it in Major League Baseball. However, one of the things I love most about Fenway is that there isn't really a bad seat. On a beautiful day, I wouldn't mind sitting on the Pavilion level on the third base side. You get an excellent overview of the field and monster with the added bonus of the Boston skyline.
What do you usually eat/drink when you’re at a baseball game?
I swear I have the World's biggest sweet tooth, so for me I am all about the fried dough and ice cream. At Fenway, there is something called the fried dough sundae, which is fried dough with a scoop of ice cream on top of it. I haven't tried it yet, but I assure you it will be my favorite thing in the park.
Which Mariner should I pay the most attention to when they come to Fenway?
Everyone knows the big names like Felix, Cano and Cruz, but I think there are some underdog players that really step up to plate. Literally. My buddy Shawn O'Malley plays for the Mariners and think he's definitely one to watch. I grew up watching he and my brother play baseball together and it's really incredible to see how far he has come and how he is able to stay calm, cool and collected under pressure.
Which Mariner would Sox fans adore if he was wearing a Boston uniform?
I’m a little new to the Sox v. Yankee rivalry so correct me if I am wrong, but I am sure the Sox would love to see Cano in a Sox jersey. I mean who wouldn’t love have another league leader in home runs on their team? But for now, I think we will keep him in Seattle.
Is there a feature of Safeco Field that would work well in Fenway Park?
On a rainy day, I sure do miss our roof.
In the year since handing over your crown, what do you miss most about being Miss Washington? 
I miss the children that I was able to work with. I loved nothing more than going into a school and speaking to kids or visiting the kiddos in the hospital. I feel like the point in me doing so was to help make their day better, when really it made my day immensely better.
You’ve recently become a Fenway Ambassador. What’s the best part of that job?
I’m basically in the business of making people happy, so my goal is to make everyone who I encounter at the field feel very special. I love that we have the ability to make someone’s first visit to Fenway even more remarkable.
How do you see the Red Sox finishing in 2016?
Really anything is possible and everyone has a reason to feel hopeful at this point in the season. As long as we can sustain our hitting and step up our pitching we will be golden!
It’s second and goal from the one yard line. Do you run or pass?
I feel like this is an obvious answer, kind of like if you deflate footballs you should be suspended for 4 games, right? 


Definitely have to agree with Kailee on at least a couple of those. I love the Safeco roof, and how it's really just a roof. I imagine that it doesn't give the enclosed feeling of a true dome. I also have to agree that the fried dough sundae sounds amazing. Going to have to check that out myself. As for Cano, I think that by jilting the Yankees to go to Seattle, he's managed to wash the pinstripes off himself in my eyes. I think I could handle seeing him on the Sox. What do you think?

I want to give Kailee a huge thank you for visiting. It's always humbling when people take the time and effort, especially when they do a great a job like Kailee did. If you'd like to see more of what she has to say, follow Kailee on Twitter and Instagram. You should also check out her blog: It's a Double Play. (Told you she was a baseball fan!) I'd especially recommend her Super Bowl Post.

Once again, thanks to Kailee! 

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