Wednesday, April 2, 2014

From the Pedro Binder

2002 Topps Opening Day.

A rather appropriate selection for this week, dontcha think?

As has been mentioned a few times previously, Topps has tried a few different things when it comes to the Opening Day set. Sometimes it has taken the flagship set and added a logo to it. Sometimes it changes the color of the borders on the flagship. In this case, they added a logo. That was a nice call because it allows the great gold borders to remain.

Unfortunately, the logo they added is a large foil depiction of a home run ball leaving a stadium. Yuck.

The problem is, the logo is too big, and the foil makes it hard to read. So, it’s really just a big blob of grey they stuck onto the base card. Not exactly what I’m looking for. It also creates the problem where the top of the card says “2002 Topps” and the large foil logo says “2002 Opening Day.”

Which is it?

Other than that, the card is just Pedro’s regular Topps issue. The borders are nicely done with the flags displaying the important information. There’s Pedro’s name and team logo. Curse them though, they stuck with the foil for Pedro’s name. Often they allow us to actually read the names on the OD cards by eliminating the foil. Not so much this time.

Pedro’s face could be better. But, that’s the face he makes when he fires one home, so it’s ok. It’s not like when camera angles make it look like the pitcher has an arm growing out of his back. The picture is nicely cropped, and lets the focus be on Pedro.

Once you get past the grey blob.

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