Friday, February 11, 2011

And The Winner Is…

Every year I tout that one of the prizes for winning the scavenger hunt is “worldwide fame and admiration.” This year, we can see just how true that is. We have our first international winner of the Section 36 Scavenger Hunt. Please help me to congratulate Ruben from Alberta, Canada. Ruben was able to eek out a well-deserved victory this year. I want to thank everyone who entered, and remind you that in this contest there are no losers. Well, except for everyone but Ruben.

Once again, an entrant took full advantage of getting more than one item in a single shot. Just look at everything that can be checked off the list from this single photo…

I can see a Red Sox poster, a mousepad, an autograph of a member of the 2007 World Series (Kevin Youkilis), a Mike Cameron baseball card, a Red Sox lanyard, a shot glass, a starting line-up figurine, a World Series program, Fenway dirt, a bobblehead, a wall clock, a blanket, foam finger, pin, plush Wally, key chain, underwear, monopoly token, and a Red Sox bat. By my count, that’s 19 items in the shot. What a great photo.

Congratulations again to Ruben. How about a nice round of applause?


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