Friday, September 3, 2010

Don’t Look Back, Tampa…

…something is gaining on you.

Ok. It’s a half a game. I get that. The Sox are still 6.5 games out. I get that too. But, you have to agree with me, 6.5 back is better than 7.5 back. Right? Last night’s game certainly could have been a loss. It was trending that way. The Sox could very easily been swept by Baltimore. But, they weren’t. They won the series, to split the road trip. That’s a much better turn of events. Can they keep it going? I sure hope so. After all, if the Sox sweep the homestand, the current 6.5 game deficit goes to no more than 3.5. Yikes!

So, what is it? Why aren’t the Sox playing out the string? They still actually think they have a shot at the postseason. Of course, they’re right. I’ve mentioned that Tampa’s seven games against New York make everything very interesting. Really, the best scenario has the Rays being crushed by the Yankees, rendering the six games the Sox have with NY meaningless in the Yankees eyes. That makes them likely rest their only pitcher, and makes the Sox task just a little bit easier. I like easy as much as the next guy.

So, bring on Manny. Again, I won’t lie to you. I prefer the other Sox had given up. I wish they were playing rookies and has-beens to play out the string. But, if the Red Sox are as good as they should be, it doesn’t matter. The Soxy battle will go just the way it’s supposed to. A series win is a must, to set up a series sweep of the Rays. After all, they were thiiiiis close to taking them all from the Rays in Tampa. At Fenway Park, I see no reason to think they can’t. The rest of the season? Looks good for the Sox. That makes this the key homestand.

This is going to be fun.

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