Friday, June 12, 2009

Maybe the Phillies will present a challenge?

I had just a few quick thoughts on the past series, and the one coming up.

Obviously, the whole “8-0” against the Yankees this season is more fun than actually meaningful. Even with the sheer embarrassment of three straight series sweeps, all the Yanks need to do is win 3 more games than the Red Sox do the rest of the way out to finish ahead of them. But, it sure is a lot of fun to watch the number grow. Plus, the last time the Sox started a season 8-0 against NY, they won the World Series.

I’m just guessing here, but when the Yankees spent 100 gazillion dollars on their rotation this offseason I think they expected more than 12.1 innings from them in a three-game series.
Don’t look now, but David Ortiz just hit two home runs in a single series.

Brad Penny keeps chugging along. He’s certainly not hurting his trade value these days. Heck, his record is better than Sabathia’s now. I still think they Sox will only be able to get a middle reliever, or a prospect for him. But, it’s getting better all the time. Of course, I still think they should use him in a package to overwhelm a team. Say, Penny, Lowrie, Buchholz, Bard, and more for Hanley Ramirez?

The Sox bullpen has just been stellar. Most teams would kill for half the arms the Sox seem to have back there. Imagine a double header. In the first game, the Sox can throw Okajima-Ramirez-Papelbon, and still have Bard-Delcarmen-Saito for the nightcap. It’s almost unfair.

I know it’s unusual. But, when I was watching the Yankee bullpen collapse in the 8th inning last night, I kept wondering where Rivera was. I know they like to just do a 1-inning thing for him. But, he should have been rested and the Yanks really could have used a save in that game.

I went to a Red Sox-Phillies game in Philly in 2000. They were selling t-shirts in the stadium promoting “The Battle of the Rookie of the Years” with images of Nomar Garciaparra and Scott Rolen. That was the best they had…the two unanimous ROYs from three years ago. Other than that, the teams didn’t have much going for them. This time, it’s a battle of the last two World Champions.

I know that Francona has said that Ortiz would do the sitting when the Sox are in the NL park this weekend. But, that was before. Now, with a couple home runs in the last few games, should he stay in the line-up? Is this the best time to get him out of whatever rhythm he may actually be getting into? I think I’d go for one day of rest each for Lowell, Youk, and Papi.

55 days before the Sox get to play the Yankees again.

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