Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I Love Ya, tomorrow!

You’re only a day away…

OK. If truck day is the start of spring, the day pitchers and catchers report means summer’s almost here. It also means the start of the longest six weeks in the history of sports reporting. About the only thing interesting that occurs in Florida is an injury. Other than that, nothing really means anything. Spring Training wins and losses have no bearing on the regular season. Maybe if a position is under competition, you can see if the hotshot rookie will eek out the veteran. I guess, seeing if Jed Lowrie or Julio Lugo gets the bulk of the at-bats could be an interesting storyline. But, all in all the Red Sox just hope everyone gets to April 6th without breaking any limbs. So, while the endless reporting will get old, the fact that you can talk about baseball again is enough to keep me going. Finally you can actually discuss the Sox rotation, and compare it to the Yankee line-up, since you may actually know what they are. Let the fun begin.

Of course, tomorrow also means the last day to submit your entries in the Section 36 Scavenger hunt. Have those e-mails in by noon if you want to be the winner. I’ll post the answers tomorrow night so you can all see how well you did. Thanks to everyone who’s giving this a shot to make the off-season a little more entertaining.

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