Thursday, March 30, 2017

Talking about my Fantasy

That’s right. It’s time for your favorite post of the year. When I discuss the fantasy team I drafted last night! I know. The only thing worse than tweeting about fantasy teams is blogging about them. But, I have an amazing visitor interview ready to go tomorrow, so no matter what I post today you’re going to forget about in less than 24 hours. So, might as well talk about my team.

Just as a reminder, this is a ten team 5x5 league, with 27 roster spots. You have three keepers, and they take the place of your draft pick in whatever round you originally drafted the player. (I love that detail.) I had the fourth pick in a wraparound draft. Got that?

So, who did I get?

C - Y. Grandal LAD
1B - H. Ramirez BOS
2B - J. Villar MIL
3B - P. Sandoval BOS
SS - X. Bogaerts BOS
CI - B. Drury ARI
MI - D. Gordon MIA
OF - M. Trout LAA
OF - G. Stanton MIA
OF - J. Bradley, Jr BOS
OF - A. Eaton WAS
U - J. Realmuto MIA
U - N. Mazara TEX
U - R. Grichuk STL
B - M. Moreland BOS

SP - R. Porcello BOS
SP - G. Cole PIT
SP - J. Taillon PIT
RP - C. Kimbrel BOS
RP - K. Giles HOU
P - J. Lester CHC
P - A. Nola PHI
P - C. Kuhl PIT
B - A. Reed NYM
B - J. Kelly BOS
B - A. Ottavino COL
B - H. Neris PHI

My three keepers were Mike Trout (round one), Xander Bogaerts (round thirteen) and Jon Lester (round fourteen). I love the idea of getting Mike Trout with the number four pick almost as much as I like getting Bogaerts with the 124th.

From there, I was able to grab plenty of Red Sox players. Eight isn’t the most I’ve ever had, but it’s up there. (I missed Chris Sale and Andrew Benintendi by one pick. Dang.) I like picking Red Sox players in the later rounds (Joe Kelly was in the 20’s) since I can get a better feel for them than, say, a random eighth inning guy on the Royals. I also generally try to go with Red Sox and National League players whenever I can. I hate the idea of cheering against the Red Sox just for my team. (You’ll notice there are no other AL East teams represented.) It’s bad enough that I’m cheering for Bogaerts to drive a guy in over Betts. But, the NL bias explains the three Pirates starters. (Of course, right away I have to have them facing the Red Sox to open the season. Figures.)

I like the balance to my team. Some power guys, some speed guys. Some closers, some starters. I think my prior teams seem to be “stars and scrubs” so I tend to fall to injury a lot. While after reading my visit with Amanda Debus you may think my selection of Chad Kuhl is a sentimental choice, as the number three starter on a decent Pirate team, I think I can expect good things from him. 

So, while I know you probably need to see the rest of my league to decide how my team will do, I welcome any comments on any of my selections. 

Think I got any good ones?

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