Thursday, March 9, 2017

Is Sam Travis the Latest Trade Chip?

If he's not, he probably should be.

Once again, the Red Sox have a young player doing very well during spring training when there's not really a spot for him on the major league club. Last year Travis Shaw transformed a good couple weeks into a starting position when the team broke camp, and he never really hit that well again.

This year Sam Travis is lighting up the scoreboard with his eyes on a spot in Boston. Like Shaw, Travis has a couple roadblocks. The Sox just signed Mitch Moreland to play first base, and have a healthy Pablo Sandoval ready to resume his role at third.

Sounds like Travis has turned into a pretty decent trade chip.

Now, Travis is a better prospect than Shaw ever was. You could envision Travis producing a little closer to these lofty numbers. But, the Red Sox made a mistake with Shaw last year. They should have traded him in the spring before the bloom came off. Without an obvious need for him, perhaps the Sox should trade high on this Travis.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think every prospect is a trade chip. Andrew Benintendi is the top prospect is all of baseball, and I think the Sox should keep him. They need him this year to play left field. It's the same reason I was just fine with trading Moncada in the deal that brought Chris Sale. The Sox didn't have a spot for Moncada. They have a spot for Sale.

So it would make perfect sense to make a move with Travis (and a catcher for that matter) while the value is at its peak. The Sox have some holes they could fill. You can always use another pitcher. Would Travis be a key part of a package for Jose Quintana? Someone else along those lines? 

Because, what's the advantage of keeping him? Having a decent bat sitting in the minor leagues? Who does that help? This team is built for now. Let's take advantage of that. Before it's too late.

See what Travis can get for you.

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  1. Eh, I think Travis is the first-baseman by the end of the year. Moreland is only on a one-year deal after all and he does not have a great track record. I view him as merely a stopgap until Travis proves that he is ready. Travis could have been the first-baseman this year, but he was injured for most of the season last year.


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