Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sale-ing Along

This is what makes Spring Training fun. Watching your new acquisition simply dominate the Yankees.

Oh, trust me, I know. It's only Spring Training. And, if he was dominating by getting them to ground out sharply to second, that would be one thing. But, not Sale was getting batters to strike out in incredible number. And not just strike out. Making them look bad in the process.

Again, it's Spring Training.

But, a killer slider is a killer slider, whether it's March or October.

Now, does this mean that Sale is going to have the best season by a Red Sox pitcher since Pedro? No, not at all. He could, but probably not. It does mean that Sox fans had a little fun watching their new toy do some fantastic things.

It was a burst of good news that this Spring Training had been sorely lacking. Too many starts pushed back, or programs slowed down. Too much business as usual to be truly entertaining.

But, here was Chris Sale doing Chris Sale things. Reminding us that honest to goodness baseball is less than two weeks away. In less than two weeks we'll be watching Chris Sale do these wonderful things in Fenway Park.

Won't that be a sight to see!

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