Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How Good was Nomar Garciaparra?

Ok. It's time to once again to look back through my scorecards and see how a Red Sox favorite performed while I was keeping score. Did he perform up to his expectations? Or beyond? Or was I a bad luck charm?

Today I decided to look at Nomar Garicaparra. Things sure did change for Nomar's fortunes with the Sox in a hurry, didn't they? But before it all fell apart, how did he perform while I was watching? Let's find out!

Wow. I'd say he did just fine. Wouldn't you?

Looks like I saw about a half a season worth of Nomar games. That's a fun thing to realize. In those games, I'd definitely say I saw a representative sample. A .362/33/129 extrapolated season is nothing to sneeze at from a shortstop. Or anyone else, for that matter. He was an absolute on-base machine. But, you knew that. That's a big reason why he ended up with a career OPS of 1.017 while I was in the building. That's one of the highest of the players I've done so far. 

Which always makes me happy. This is exactly what Nomar was. A terror at the plate. So, I'm glad I got to see who he really was. I always hate to think I happened to catch a great player on an off night. But, that didn't happen here. Nomar was definitely Nomar. How about you?

How did he do when you were in the park?


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