Tuesday, April 1, 2014

One of One-Sixty-Two

Sure, I could sit here and tell you it's only one game. That one loss doesn't matter.

Of course, that would be true.

But, it seems like there are two camps after an opening game. The people who run to social media and whine about all the problems, and the people who run to social media to declare that you can't tell anything after one game.

I don't really care to be in either camp today.

Of course, there are a few things that you can pick up from one game.

Grady Sizemore looks comfortable. Will he look like that forever? No. But, if you were wondering if he would look rusty once you got to real pitching, he doesn't. He looks pretty good. Now it's a matter of trying to keep him that way.

Jon Lester looked just great. He picked up right where he left off in October. Once again, if you were wondering how he would look once he faced real batter, he looks pretty darn good.

Did the Red Sox leave a lot of runners on base? Yup. Is that annoying? Yup. will they keep doing that all year? Nope. Of course, I've always been a person who would rather they leave runners on base than not get them on in the first place. The Sox had their chances. That's really all you can ask for. Eventually, the hits will string together in the right order to score some runs. It's just the way it works. It's certainly the way I expect it to work tomorrow.

I can't wait to find out.

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